Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shadow Letters

Created By: Rachelle Carroll

I found the letters for this project at Hobby Lobby. The letter came in a two pack. I started by painting one set of letters with a light color and the other set of letters a darker color.

Next, I took craft sticks, also found at Hobby Lobby and used my glue gun to glue them on the darker color on the edge, next I painted them the darker color.

Next I glue gunned the lighter letter on to the craft sticks, level with the bottom bt slightly to the right of the darker letter making a shadow.

Lastly, I took some craft wood pieces (also purchased at the craft store) painted them the dark color and glue gunned them to the bottom of each letter. To glue them on, I made sure the back letter was level, some of my letters weren't exactly even, so I filled in the space with glue from the glue gun and painted it with the darker color.

To make the whole thing a little more stable I put an extra line of glue on the backside of the dark letter against the base.