Monday, October 6, 2008

Spooky Eyes Wreath

Created By: Rachelle Carroll

Here are the supplies you need: Glue Gun, Styrofoam Ring, Black Feathers, googly eyes, small styrofoam balls.

To start I glue gunned to styrofoam balls together so they are in twos. Then I glued the googly eyes on the balls so you have two eyeballs!! One thing that I did for this is instead of trying to put the glue on the googly eyes, instead I put it on the styrofoam and then putting the eyes on.

Next I started gluing on the feathers. I started with putting the feathers on every other direction and then went back and zigzagged the other direction. Next I took some feathers, cut them down and made a layer each direction in the middle to make the feathers more full.

For the last step, I took the eyeballs and glued them on to the feathers. I tried to do it in a random fashion so that there was no pattern. One thing I also did was some of the eyes I trimmed so they didn't poke out as much.

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